Is it possible to make money while doing good?

Do you want to help Australian workplaces, clubs and local bodies become drug-safe communities? Here’s how you can become a part of a fresh, innovative and life-changing brand.

“What are you going to be remembered for: a good coffee or saving a generation in a community? I want to be remembered for saving kids,” says Michael White, Managing Director of Drug-Safe Australia. 

For nearly 20 years, Michael has been leading the alcohol and the drug screening industry in addressing substance abuse across Australia and the South Pacific. “People want to turn a blind eye; but I teach my franchisees to educate their clients”, explains Michael. “We call it drug-safe not drug-free. We’re not naïve enough to say drug-free. For example, I take blood pressure tablets. We know drugs are going to be around, we just make it safer”. 

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The fight against drugs isn’t going away, providing tremendous room for scope. Now servicing organisations across the nation, Drug-Safe Australia provides practical drug-safe solutions at half the price of other services in the market and positions itself as a community-focused organisation, unlike its competitors. Drug-Safe Australia has also become known for helping industries known for illicit drug use, like mining, tackle the “dirty work” of cleaning up a workplace – using a high performing, well-trained network of diagnostic service providers.

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Drug-Safe Australia is looking for people who want to change lives through helping their local communities but, also have an entrepreneurial mindset. “We currently have 12 territories open across metropolitan Melbourne”, says Michael. “Our franchisees come from all walks of life ranging from medical, mining to teaching backgrounds”. But what they do have in common is they have an “excellent ability to communicate and network, a willingness to work as part of a passionate and driven franchise family and the desire to learn and grow”. 

The franchise’s success is thanks to its unique system that enables franchisees to run a profitable business and help their local communities in the fight against drugs. “Our support extends to the complete life term of the franchise agreement, not just the recruitment stage and the training phase”, explains Michael. To build upon the regular face-to-face coaching and mentoring support already provided, Drug-Safe is also building a Drug-Safe Academy, which will enable online training and information. The academy is designed to allow franchisees to reach more community members while significantly growing their business and increasing profit. “We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved so far and we are constantly strengthening our franchise model”, says Michael.

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