Eat, drink and create together

Nothing beats a coffee in the morning. Unless that coffee is paired with a warm, oozy chocolate muffin or a flaky, buttery croissant. CXpresso might be one of the newest bakery cafés on the market but it knows how to give customers what they want.

CXpresso, whose sister brand Croissant Express is loved by all those in Western Australia, has taken what it’s learnt over the last 30 years to ensure business owners can focus on what’s important: customers and creativity. The hospitality sector is ever-changing: “What was old is now fresh again”, says National Operations Manager, Steve Andrews. “For us, it’s about continually changing, creating and developing the menu with the help of our franchisees”. CXpresso encourages ongoing collaboration between the franchisor and franchisees. “We want people who aren’t afraid to come forward with new ideas”. 

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The franchise model is ideal for highly motivated foodies with a hands-on knowledge of the financial components needed to run a business. “We support all of our franchisees to run a successful business but we find those that have a good understanding of stock control, labour and food cost really benefit”, says Steve. Another plus is that the labour component of the business is minimal because CXpresso has focused on their menu. “You only need two pieces of equipment to produce 90% of the pastries, sandwiches and salads you see available in our stores”, says Steve.

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A desire to be a leader and grow a team is important too. “Franchisees need to hire their own people but we assist in the training and developing of specific business roles like baristas”, explains Steve. Steve believes CXpresso is a great start up business for people. “Unlike other brands where the entry is $700,000 to $1 million, for a low-cost investment of $350,000 + our franchisees receive everything they need to run a successful bakery café without any hidden fees or charges”.

If you’re keen to ditch your day job and use your creativity to build your own business, then this coffee lover’s franchise might be for you. 

Key benefits of becoming a CXpresso franchisee:

  • A brand new CXpresso store
  • Choose a territory close to home including prime locations in rapidly growing areas
  • Four-weeks comprehensive brand and operations training in a local store
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Minimal physical labour
  • Chance to grow and manage a team
  • Opportunity to collaborate creatively with head office and other franchisees every quarter

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